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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's $5,000 before you die

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A very interesting post is found here concerning recent actions of BP officials while the oil heads to shore like a slow train wreck.
This confirms everything I thought about this situation. This has all the earmarks of an "un-accident" the Manchurian Oil Spill.
During the Great Depression, those living along the shores of the Gulf had the option to weather the economic downturn; fishing. Following the Great Depression, the Gulf states provided their share of the fighting men during World War II and then some. They were among the best in all branches of service.
People who fish are strong and able: they can actually do things. They don't sit at a desk in a cubicle. They don't wait for the magic touch of someone above them to raise their G scale pay grade. They don't have to play the corporate game and float to the top of the heap.
When things get tough, they go fishing. They provide for their families and ask for very little from the government in return apart from begging it to leave them alone as much as possible.
Mathematically, the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, should be drawing concerns from statisticians working for the government. Strangely, it does not. Apparently no one working for the media employs anyone familiar with statistics, either.
You often hear pundits chuckle and joke that they got into media, or journalism precisely because they were not good at math.
The count on how many things had to go wrong with the Blow Out Prevent is now up to more than four. Add another coincidence, in the fact there was no acoustic cut-off switch, since deregulation took care of that, and that number is five. Add an additional potential failure in the unusually high nitrogen composition of Halliburton's cementing job at the bottom of the well, reported by New York Times.
Add another for the fact BP reportedly ordered Transocean to remove the drilling muds before the final cement cap could be put into place. Well, it was cost-saving, you see.
As many as seven things had to go wrong, and did, all of them, every last one. The odds against this happening are staggering.
If we base a simple event like one failure on the blowout preventer being a one in five shot, by the time we get to seven things all happening, all failing in sequence, we run the same or better risk of winning Powerball. This seven strike sequence is sort of like lending your best friend your car, and he slamming it "accidentally" into seven phone poles on the way back from his errand.
"Sorry," he says, handing you the keys.
Now we get to BPs laissez-faire attitude. When you look at BPs website, and all their promotional videos by Tony F. Hayward, you get the sense that all of this is a very neat little exercise they are involved in. Their technicians are hard at work with hats on. They are holding vials of seawater up to the light. They are doing science in providing as Hayward says, an "extraordinary response" to the "incident."
In these colorful montages you see that something obviously is absent. What is that thing? What could it be?
The goddamned oil of course, covering the water. The tar balls, the sludge backed up into the marshes.
The main response we are looking for first of course, "shut the damned well off!" they never seem to get that quite right.
"Sorry," they say.
"Unlucky," at this, as they say on the football pitch, when a corner kick goes awry.
Today it was announced the top kill intervention was going to be postponed until Wednesday. No explanation.
Boats paid for by BP are sitting idle and had to be commandeered by Jefferson Parish, no explanation.
BP has seemingly done everything in its power to provide a massive kick to the testicles to the people of the Gulf Coast, as though they were getting us back for something.
Now we hear strange reports of officials offering hush money, being told that hush money will be taken away if the fishermen, now hostages in their own homeland, object to the cloud of toxic gas, and the sludge ruining their water ways.
Interesting. Deadly, interesting.
It's as if BP wants the U.S. to take over the site. You hear this now, from, of all places, the conservatives! "why hasn't Mr. Obama taken over?" and essentially confiscated BP assets in the region. And he very well may have to. He's been boxed in, and BP keeps thumbing its nose at us, the business people along the Gulf and the problem!
You've heard not one word of sorrow for these people, these good, rugged individuals, these small business operators, coming from the mouths of pundits. Where were you Glenn Becks, your Rush Limbaughs, Sarah Palins, and your Rand Pauls, even? Was there outrage at the destruction of the individual captain of enterprises up and down the Gulf Coast?
No. They sided with big oil, they blamed Obama, or they, like FOX's Billy O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, ignored these good Americans. Simply ignored them for more stories about teachers strikes, or regulations concerning finance.
Glenn Beck has run nothing but inane, arcane idiocy concerning the wording of the Constitution, interpretations thereof, in some strange hybrid classroom, come temple. Some weird bastardized faux representation of Americana, while REAL Americans were being raped, and muffled into silence with a few dollars left on the nightstand by Big Oil.
I have been in contact with people along the Gulf Coast who are getting so angry now, so angry they are considering violence. Many have turned to alcohol. Many have weapons.
Our government is run by debt. Obama owes BP for the $70,000 in campaign contributions, so that any move he makes, seems like heel dragging, and may damned well be precisely that.
The Coast Guard, with its Admiral Thad Allen days from retirement, treads ever so lightly with BP, forced to trust BP to provide the answers which may or may not be solutions but oblique satire aimed at the American educational system.
Hair? Hay? You would need enough to cover the state of Pennsylvania. Are they having a laugh? Are they taking the proverbial piss?
Seems like.
In all of this, one has to ask why? Why is this happening?
One thing I have concluded is, this may not be an accident. Because it seems like the foul ups just keep coming.
Odds say they, BP, would have to get something right.
It's been a month now and they haven't.

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