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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Enviro-Holocaust Denier Update/media

In no particular order:

Ft. Meyers News Press - Without a stitch of evidence to support themselves - other than officialdom who are praying to the sweet baby Heyzoos for a miracle - this news paper sounds the all clear for Florida. Must be advertisers in the hospitality industry raising hell behind the scenes in FM. The news that Florida "may escape" the oil comes suspiciously six days after the same reporter bravely tried to wrap his head around the staggering numbers with regard to the quantities of oil involved in this piece. Let's see, a day for the calls to start coming in; another day for a special meeting of the city council in which the paper is lambasted for the article in which a reporter attempted to do his job. Another day for the editorial meeting with "concerned advertisers". A fourth day when editors try to gently coax the reporter into writing a qualifying appending piece, and or "look at the upside" to his last, and on day six, after looking at dim job prospects elsewhere he is muscled into doing so, damned nearly with an editor standing over his shoulder watching him write. Does that sound about right?

In addition, with a huge blight on the Gulf waters, how anyone short of Edgar Cayce could know the extent of the damage to the fishery is beyond comprehension. Thanks for stopping by.

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