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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gee, gang it's a "PERFECT STORM" of errors and bad circumstances

They haven't hit us with it yet, have they; this phrase.
The body public, like always, is expected to go numb at this point, and begin the "forgiving process" or the "grieving process".
Corporate speak, the coin of a Sebastian Junger novelization of a fishing tragedy, with apologies to Mr. Junger for the continued bastardization of a perfectly good title.
Yes, they will tell us, it was a Perfect Storm of errors, they will say; three or more combined, shucks accidents, plus the sun in someone's eye, bad whether and so on, and we, like Pavlovian pooches, will be expected to go numb and say "well, yeah, it was a perfect storm, see? And, well, like in that movie with Clooney and Marky Mark, hell, there's not a damned thing you can do about one of them."
BP? Halliburton? Transocean? I want you to listen to me closely, like we're lovers.
Don't even think about it.
It was not a 'PERFECT STORM' it was and continues to be the rape by sabotage or inexcusable incompetence, of the entire Gulf of Mexico. And YOU are responsible. So don't you dare, tell me, or tell hundreds of thousands of people who make their living on the water, and face real storms day in day out, about how a Perfect Storm, caught you unawares.
Don't you dare do it, because you've already dared too much.
Today's NYT is a perfect example, as BP is at it again. BP (perhaps BO is a better name) told the New York Times that they really aren't going for those soft touchy feely advertisements expressing regret and mea culpa, and a willingness to fix the problem. Because, well, we can guess Toyota's similar ads were somehow ineffective and rang hollow.
Spend some damned money anyway; even if not one person believes you and calls you an ass to your face for doing it. Do it. Don't wait, do it.
Do it not, and your image sinks even lower into the Mississippi mud with your oil. You look even more like you care more about lawsuits than people, more about something coming back to bite you in the ass by way of apology than actually apologizing to real human beings.
And whatever you do, stay the hell away from that phrase every guilty corporate hack has used since the late 1990s when we all saw the movie, The Perfect Storm

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