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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chris Mathews MSNBC: Where the Hell is Cheney? Make him testify!

Congrats MSNBC, about time. Chris Mathews is first in Big Media to ask the very solid question? Where the Hell is Dick Cheney and why isn't he called to testify under the bright lights and the cameras, along with his buddies in Big Oil?

This all is a retread of a similar set of circumstances in 1987, when investigators looking into the Iran-Contra matters, began to focus on CIA Director William Casey. But Casey suffered brain cancer and found himself unable to answer questions with regard to his role in the mess.

Past as a predictor of the future I can safely predict something, perhaps a medical condition, perhaps a tragedy of some sort, will prevent Cheney from shining any light at all on these alleged meetings with oil execs.

Maybe he'll do what all good Nixonian Cold Warriors do, deny, deny, deny

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