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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why aren't the BP Oil Spill Hearings Live on TV other than C-SPAN?

Look at the list of ownership for big media.

Yeah. Want to know why anything of a mysterious nature is? Look for a dollar sign as well as a scheme to make more of it. And let's admit, I'm not really talking about money, am I? No, something more sinister: power. That's it, really.

And hey! Carlyle Group Chairman is the First Director of Westinghouse! Carlyle is who? Well, that's Frank Carlucci. In a previous blog post here, Carlucci is noted to be the defense sec, replaced by Dick Cheney. Big whoop? Well, both of whom were members of this mysterious group, from whence sprang Halliburton's drive toward the mideast, with Cheney as CEO, as referenced in

Carlucci was also a member of another mysterious group,( notice how mysterious, scary groups are often called "thinktanks"), on Middle East Policy.

You never hear this mess from Glenn Beck, even though the tangles and nets and Machiavellian coincidences and intrigues are tailor-suited to his paranoid mind. You never hear about this because Rupert Murdoch wants you to be mad at a seed, and that image he has painted in your mind.

Energy, via Westinghouse and General Electric, is big into, Big Media.

Smoke? Meet Fire. Fire? Smoke. Shake, off you go.

Apologies to you, dear reader, for not explaining the connections at what they mean precisely. You'd have to be Jim Marrs to do that, and the trouble is, once you become Jim Marrs, it's too late. You've gone so far down the rabbit hole you've lost your mind.

If you can sort it out, you likely win a Nobel Peace Prize, because understanding the incestuous mess of it, means you can begin to untangle it.

Suffice it to say, we can, however look at this from a higher level, a global view, the way you might take a painting by Jackson Pollock and back away from it, to get an entire sense of the thing.

Seems to be, the entire mess WANTS us all, to CONTINUE to wage blood for oil in the Middle East.

Your camo hate monger in the bushes of wherever, points to Israel and chambers a round, which is really off the mark; sort of like pointing at one face in a crowd of thousands. Our Middle East policy is a symptom of a machine, only one voice in a chorus moving in one direction.

If the entire thing were a machine, you get the sense that the machine wants to drain every last drop of oil in the Middle East, first, so that the rest of the world doesn't get any of it, or get it before we of "the west/western civilization" do. In order to do that, the machine can't very well "let" us, an allegedly free society, explore these home-grown resources over here in continental North America.

This bottleneck means the machine also wants a great many of us dead by a certain time-frame; which brings in all the alarmist bugga bugga concerning Trilateral Commission, Iron Mountain Report, Bilderberg etc. etc. theories that essentially say war is a natural and necessary pruning method used by the world to eliminate too many useless eaters.

But, have you noticed lately, everything is a rush job? Rush, don't think. Rush.

There were three MAJOR fail-safes on the Deepwater Horizon that had to - gosh darn it - just not do what they were designed to do, before the rig blew. This, in addition to well tests which were ignored.

New York Times on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 reported that Halliburton had placed a great deal of nitrogen, a strange amount at the very bottom of the well in the cement mix. Some of the workers thought it strange and had never seen it before. NYT buried this information at the very tail end of their coverage on page A-13. Worth noting.

Another weird, Halliburton rag-end: Sen. Jeff Sessions from Alabama grilled Halliburton's corporate development director Tim Probert, who, according to Forbes, earned $2 million last year. The question that Probert had to be cornered into responding to, was, is it strange that heavy mud designed to bear weight on the cement well cap, was removed BEFORE the cement cap was in place? Probert said the procedures laid down by BP were followed.

In other words, rather than using their critical thinking skills, someone followed a check list, however poorly written, and evacuated the drilling tube early, BEFORE a cement cap could be placed on the well.

The cap was never fitted into position because the well blew, from natural gas and oil surging up the pipe.

Michigan Senator Bart Stupak said in an interview on May 13, "they knew there was 1,400 (pounds per square inch) on one one side of the pipe and no pressure on the other. They knew something wasn't right."

Stupak also said the batteries on the blow-out-preventer had been dead, which would have been discovered if company officials followed their own procedures and checked the BOP every three days like they were supposed to.

All of this makes for good tomato targets, but back to the central point of this entry: why no big media, televised coverage during the hearings?

Massive media stock holder GE certainly wouldn't suffer if all this "domestic oil" foolishness went away fast. If we understood what was really happening, we would be more apt to question such massive defense expenditures in the Middle East. GE, which makes good things for life, also makes good things for death, as well, like electronic components for jets, missiles, smart bombs, predator drones, communications satellites.

You can almost hear the chastising interoffice memos aimed at Maddow and Olbermann, "downplay, smile, joke, make lite!!!" from their handling of it. Though they do make a valiant effort, one must admit. But, too many smiles when it comes to this. Hey, it is a downer, no doubt, but this isn't a damned Disney ride, either, this is serious stuff. We don't have to orgasmically enjoy being informed. There's no way to sugar coat this.

And don't tell me about it, Olbermann, how you don't know editorial pressure, that no one messes with the Almighty Keith? I've been in the staff meetings of a major newspaper. I know how it goes, they don't tell you why they are doing it, the players involved. They never come out and say, "lay off of so and so" (well, FOX does, but) most of them glaze over it, letting you infer the why with bland statements like; "Joe Six Pack doesn't want to hear all that. Come on, he wants to eat his Cheetos and bla bla bla."

We also have the strange disappearance of Halliburton's Baby Daddy, Dick Cheney. He hasn't been seen or heard from since April 22, and his name keeps coming up in the hearings as having held secret meetings with oil company executives while Vice President, conspicuously prior to relaxing some rules that took us where we are today. Does CNN even ask "where is Dick Cheney?" Does MSNBC? FOX...well, what can you expect from them but bullshit.

If there is a silver lining it's the peek we are getting into the true nature of the beast we are dealing with; the true mechanics of the machine. Every now and then, we get a look at it.

We can see major media ignoring a major news story, AND THAT tells us perhaps more, than if they shined a spotlight on it.

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