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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Look for psuedo-terrorism on the rise to divert our attention

Why would you believe Big Oil would be capable of anything less?

My prediction is that Machiavellian coincidences, such as Times Square psuedo-bomber, will be on the rise in the coming days.

Right? Because the REAL story is terrorism folks, not the potential DEATH of the Gulf of Mexico. No, no, look over here, gang! This, see? See this evil man with the black hair and the gold chains! Foreigner alert! Shifty guy! See? Don't look at that man behind the curtain!

From the article:

"We have been lucky, but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting terrorism," Boehner said at his weekly press briefing, and he denounced the administration's "bland reassurances."

Pouty Boehner seemed visibly angered, in his televised address, currently unavailable from YouTube, that the Times Square bombing didn't go off! Now that's patriotism.

Rachel Maddow blasted the media for swallowing any tidbit of information on Pakistani American Feisal Shahzad, no matter how unverifiable. She eviscerated and dissected other members of the 4th estate for hook-line-and-sinker gulps at government boiler. My take-away from her piece? In truth we really don't know much, if anything, about this guy. Video of her piece is currently available on YouTube.

Against government intrusion and pro-constitution GOPsters such as John McCain were particularly nervous Shahzad would be read his Miranda rights, regardless of his citizenship. I wonder why? Could it be we might find out more REAL information on him if we let the DOJ do its thing, rather then whisk him away to Guantanamo never to be seen or heard from again? Could it be some folks REALLY don't want us to know this man's back story?

Knesset delegate to the United States Joe Lieberman, also a sometime U.S. Senator for the independent party, immediately championed legislation to (doh!) strip those pesky dual citizens or foreign-borns of their rights should they be found in league with terrorists in their associations. Again, like Arizona, wording is rumored to be all loosy goosy so you can pretty much zap anybody.

Damn that U.S. Constitution!

Remember, a herd of precious backsides will have to vacate their smelly seats come November, if the public finds out who has been supporting big oil, if they connect the dots between votes (okay now children) and relaxed rules governing back-up plans for deep-water drilling. They NEED us in a panic over terrorism; the perennial boogeyman.

Is Feisal Shazhad a brainwashed operative? I have no earthly idea. The point is I don't believe one word out of the mouth of anyone who has supported Big Oil or Big War, anymore. This oil spill stinks to high Hell. Tell me how this isn't evidence that our government is at war with its own citizens.

There are elements in the Big War complex who are working very hard behind the scenes to keep us dependent on foreign oil. These movers and shakers don't care who they have to maim or kill, foreign or domestic. Believe it.

There are countries in the Middle East working on their own alternative energy complexes while perfectly happy to have us over there shedding our blood for their security. And I am not just referring to Israel. Saudi Arabia, Oman ...etc. What would they all do, without the World Police to keep things stable.

Watch and see if we don't - gosh, how did that happen - this week see more buses stopped on bridges, more airports shut down for 10 hours, more threats phoned in. All of these will divert our attention from the biggest story to face us since WMDs weren't found in Iraq.

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