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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The tentacles of this reach into the Obama administration; there's no denying it, unless the denial comes from Barack Obama, himself, which it likely won't.
Analysis: Minerals and Materials Services is a Federal Agency within the U.S. Department of Interior. For a long, long time - i.e. previous to the Obama administration - this agency has been developing a cozy relationship with the oil lobby. Let's see if we can get some video on that. My fingers are tired.
See the Obama administration said, all of this was going to be cleaned up. This story came out one month before he was elected, and of course it gives a whole new spin on DRILL, BABY DRILL. There was a lot of drilling going on, yeah.

"The government employees who oversee off-shore oil drilling are literally and figuratively in bed with big oil," said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

Under pressure from the oil lobby, as are all public officials who take their money, and Obama took $71,000 from BP, yeah, and trying to get his energy initiatives passed, yeah, and trying to come up with a longterm plan for that, yeah, he decided to play with these folks.
Big, MUH stake! Mr. President, big mistake.
He also, obviously succumed to the whiny bullshit from oil types and GOP across the aisle about how literally everything in the universe is over-regulated. You hear it like a maddening jingle;
"Come on! WHY CAN'T PRIVATE INDUSTRY GET A BREAK. All we want to do is produce our own bubble of negative time space using a Hadron collider! C'mon!"
Also, enviro-freaks such as myself have to admit it: yes, we want to GET OFF FOREIGN OIL! Right? Take a look at what we are funding by involving ourselves in the big sand box.

Every gallon of gas goes right back into the grist mill, funding weapons that kill our sons and daughters sent to go get the oil, overseas. They never tell you about this cost when they tell you solar is too expensive do they? How costly is a pint of blood? Anyone's blood for that matter?
For now, however, we have to replace that oil with something else in the meantime, something domestic. There's a bigger picture. We are being drawn into a death spiral in the Middle East and, I suspect our president knows this, but, refuses to comment on it, refuses to aknowledge it because to do so now, is dangerous.
Why do need oil and not something cleaner right now? Because the oil lobby has stifled, strangled, bullied and bought off, any initiatives any administration has called for - however meekly and intellectually dishonestly (Bush) - since we've been powering our societies with this combustible resource.
Following the previous administration's course on energy, in comes Obama, signing off on BPs exclusions to rules which would have placed an accoustic switch on an emergency blow-out preventer. That means a signal could have been pulsed down to an underwater speaker, to activate an emergency cut off switch to the well. It's a $500,000 part found on any BP rig in the North Sea.
Great. Now look.
If restrictions hadn't been relaxed, the Glenn Becks of this world, your FOX noises, and the GOP would have thundered Obama was bad for business.
And now, your Gulf of Mexico, my Gulf of Mexico, is royally screwed.
Barack Obama, just like BP, just like (well let's face it Halliburton is evil, they'll never admit anything, especially if they murdered their own coworkers with sabotage) just like Transocean, must stand up and admit complicity in this tragedy.
Barack Obama must come clean as to his part in this before he can move on with his head held high.
No more rubber stamps on anything related to oil, and no more deals for reduced restrictions, and no more passing the blame.

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