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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Media-Politician Suck Off

They want to bleed off the anger.
CNN right now is blasting back against the anger, righteous, well-deserved anger, aimed at BP.
But they are doing it sideways.
They are talking about the unwaivering need for energy in this country. A need which has said to the rest of the world, "hey fuck you, I need mine. Get out of the way. My lifestyle is more important than your little stick hut at the edge of a marsh."
Trouble is, now our energy needs are actually gobbling up our own people. The snake gobbling its own tail.
CNN is also still using the obscene, laughable estimate of 5,000 barrels a day: dead from the neck up journalism in a feigned attempted at objectivity, masking the agenda of supporting big oil, big energy big war.
That's the news today, the soundbite "Yeah, but what about our needs? They don't stop because of an oil spill."
You hear it from the Environmental Holocaust Presider Barack Obama.
"Our thoughts go out to the people along the gulf coast....BUT and there's a damned BUT in there, "BUT we need the oil."
You cannot wipe out a class of people and an entire ecosystem in order to solve our energy needs. Because there is no balance sheet that captures the loss of these two. Can you itemize such genocide?
Here's a thought everybody: what happened with Deepwater Horizon was either intentional? Or it was an accident.
IF we have problem to the extent that blowout preventers are essentially worthless, this would extend to all 400 rigs in the Gulf. That means we MUST shut down the offshore drilling NOW, even projects that are going right this minute. Until we get a handle on what the hell is wrong with them.
IF this is a perfectly safe and enviro friendly way to harvest energy, as these goons have been telling us for decades, THEN what happened, WAS INTENTIONAL, WAS MURDER, WAS FU-CKING TERRORISM. If this is true, there is likely another Deepwater Horizon accident, brewing somewhere. For how easy have they gotten away with the first? Scott Free.
There is NO in between.
The media pin-heads, our politician in chief and the Oil Heads ALL, realize the stupidity of a middle ground in this situation. THIS is why you are being reminded today about the energy needs of the nation. They are trying to head your brain off at the pass and keep you from adding one, plus one, to come up with two.


KathyS said...

Yep, terrorism. What else can it be called? "Our needs' are easy to change when we see, at last, what the 'easy life' costs us.
Keep up the clarity.

Ted said...

Stan I am the admin for boycott Bp on Facebook. I post your videos all the time on facebook. Send me an Email I have 140,000 people on my fb page come leave your comments on our page and I will put them up on the web for 140,000 and growing.

David Kearns said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, and today's efforts the "top kill" just look like more Monty Python humor at a time when it is least appreciated.
The top kill has changed the color of the effluent.......YAY! They are waiting for a "dynamic seal"............YAY!
These scum are trying desperately to keep our attention focused on these distractions while they burrow down with the other well. That way, they can save the well and not have to abandon it. What's it ever been about?

Anonymous said...

They lied to us. They know it failed last night and didn't tell until after the close of business today. They deserve the corporate death penalty and looooong prison terms for their execs.

Keep up the good work. You aren't alone in your anger.

David Kearns said...

James Carville is slamming Tony Hayward like a Ragin Cajun Coon-Cat, and, I, am, lovin it! CNN now